Is the camper indipendent?

Yes, because it is equipped with : kitchen stove, refrigerator, heater and boiler (all fed with gas) and with a hydraulic and electric system operating at 12 volt and connected to an additional battery.

Which is a camper cruising speed?

Recommended speed is 100/110 km/hour at “full load” condition.

Have the vehicles a diesel motor?

All our motor vehicles are turbo diesel 2000 or 2800.

Is it possible to park a camper everywhere?

Yes, with the exception of those places where a”no free camping” notice board is sticked up.

Is 220 volt electricity available in a camper?

Yes, but only if you connect the vehicle to the public electric network system: ex. In camping sites, private parking, public parking areas.

Where do WC -sink- basin and shower’s white waters flow?

They flow in the proper dumping areas situated in each city or camping site. At departure time we will give you the list of parking areas and camping sites.

Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes, all our vehicles have bicycle-racks.You can also choose vehicle models with garage space where you can load the scooter, or with racks suitable for rubber dinghies , windsurfs or pleasure boats.

Can I rent in wintertime?

Yes, because all our motor vehicles are equipped with a heater and thermo-ventilation system, so that the warm air produced can reach every part of the camper.

How does a camper run?

At your departure a Meteor Viaggi employee will give you detailed information about the proper use and working of all equipments and accessories the vehicle is fitted up.

Which store-capacity has the tank for the drinking water loading?

120/150 litres depending on the model.

Are you in a position to supply us with tourist routes ?

Yes, on making reservation, please, ask us for information and documentation on the city or country you would like to visit.

When we pick up the camper, will it be possible to park our own car?

Yes, we have availability of a wide parking area-free of charge.

Which sizes has a camper?

Height is 3.10 mt – Breadth 2.20 mt – Lenght varies from 5.80 mt to 7.15 mt.

Which kind of driving licence is requested to drive a camper?

Driving Licence B issued at least 2 years before.

To what should we pay attention driving a camper?

First of all to the “Height”…paying particular attention to bridges, shelters, balconies, tree branches, road boards. Besides, as in parking areas there isn’t much visibility it’s better that a passenger gets off to check driver’s manoeuvres.

What should I load in a camper?

Kitchenware, linen, pots and pans and any other objects for personal use.

Is the camper clean?

All our campers are delivered perfectly clean and disinfected.

Which kind of policies is a motor-vehicle covered by?

Insurance RC (Third parties liability insurance) including passengers insurance except the driver, insurance against theft and fire, no-fault automobile insurance (Kasco) and Europ Assistance.